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5 Little Known Facts About Recycling Old Cellphones

Did you know…?

  • According to one cell phone expert, “All those old cell phone chargers you chucked into a bin, the old monitor you just threw away, and the ancient printer that you dumped are all in a landfill somewhere, polluting our planet.”
  • We throw 14,000,000 old, unwanted cell phones mobile phones into landfills every single year, when then leech almost 100,000 pounds of poisonous lead into the surrounding water and earth, along with mercury and arsenic?
  • Those same tossed out cell phones contain an amazing $60 million in gold and silver that could have easily been retrieved!
  • You can help reduce the amount of toxic waste in our environment by simply giving your unwanted phone to someone else. It probably still works fine.
  • Consumers only properly recycle 15% of our unwanted smart phones, despite how simple it is to discard of them correctly, like through NYC electronics recycling companies.

If your New York City and New Jersey business is upgrading its current telephone solutions – and getting ready to upgrade your computers and other equipment, too – then just contact Recycling New York, Inc.  We come to your office and pick up ALL your unwanted cell phones, computer equipment, peripherals and other electronics – for FREE.   We take everything to our recycling facility and make sure that any toxic or valuable materials inside your equipment is retrieved.

You can rest assured that everything is disposed of in the most environmentally way possible thanks to Recycling New York, Inc. with our NYC electronics recycling services.

Recycling Computers, Electronics Ushers in a New “Gold Rush”

When we hear the phrase “gold rush,” we think about bearded old prospectors, panning for gold nuggets in Alaskan creeks and rivers a hundred years ago.  In the 21st century, there is a new “gold rush” going on.  Most people don’t realize that there is an unusual source of abundant gold: old cell phones, computers and other electronics.  You could be turning in these items for money to companies that offer NYC electronics recycling services.

These electronics couldn’t function without components made of gold and other precious “rare earth” metals and minerals.  Every time we throw away a cell phone or other electronic “gadget,” we unknowingly toss these elements into the trash, instead of reclaiming them at a place that offers NYC electronics recycling services like Recycling New York, Inc.

“We believe we’ve struck gold inside of a cellphone,” said Paul Watson, CEO of Green Technology Solutions. “There are hundreds of thousands of tons of gold, tungsten, neodymium, indium and other valuable elements trapped in mountains of electronic trash at the moment. As prices continue to soar — and they will — we think there’s a significant profit to be made reclaiming these metals.”  The global e-waste recycling and reuse services market is expected to be worth an estimated $18.2 billion, according to Transparency Market Research.  And best of all: every ounce of gold retrieved from a cell phone reduces the need for new mining ventures that also negatively impact planet Earth.

If your New York City or New Jersey employees have old cellphones, don’t throw them away. Instead, contact Recycling New York, Inc.  We come right to your place of business and haul away ALL your unwanted e-waste – for FREE.   Better yet, if your items have any residual value, we can make you an offer for them. That’s right: your company might even get paid to recycle.  Contact us today to learn all about our NYC electronics recycling services.

E-waste Recycling Market to Reach Over $40 Billion By 2020

It’s an industry that hardly existed ten years ago: e-waste recycling.  We saw a lot of NYC electronics disposal that was handled improperly, but now people are starting to catch on to NYC electronics recycling.

By now, most people are familiar with the business of paper and plastic recycling. However, the market for another kind of recycling hasn’t been part of the general public’s consciousness until recently: proper NYC electronics disposal and recycling.  Now, a new study estimates that the market for e-waste recycling will top the $40-billion mark by the end of the decade – more than four times its current size.  Despite a worldwide economic downturn, the consumer demand for the latest phones, tables, computers and other electronics continues to grow. When obsolete models are replaced by the latest products by Apple or Samsung that means the old “gadgets” have to go somewhere.

Unfortunately, too many of these old computers and electronic devices end up in landfills, either in the United States or in developing countries. In all cases, these objects leech poisonous minerals and chemicals such as arsenic and lead into the surrounding environment.

Today, however, it is easier than ever to properly recycle e-waste. It is also lucrative, because of the high volume of items that need to be disposed of, and the valuable metals that make up their components. Gold, silver and platinum are just a few of the precious metals found in every cell phone and computer, and these can be “harvested” by trained recyclers.

According to the UN, one metric tonne of e-waste contains more gold than 17 metric tonnes of gold ore!  Recycling New York, Inc. is already equipped to handle your e-waste. If your business in the New York or New Jersey area has old computers, office equipment, electronics, phone systems, monitors, printers and more that it needs to get rid of safely, contact us.

We come right to your location and take away ALL your unwanted e-waste – at no charge to you!  We dispose of everything in the most environmentally way possible, and all our processing is carried out here in the United States.  Better yet, if your items have any residual value, we can make you an offer for them.  Contact Recycling New York, Inc. to learn more about NYC electronics disposal and recycling, New York data destruction and business liquidation.

New York Computer Recycling Components Is A Growing Business

Every computer, peripheral and smart phone we use works only because it contains a circuit board.   Circuit boards function as the “central nervous system” of almost every electronic device we use at home and at work.  If you need New York computer recycling services, even for computer parts, we can help.

When we get rid of obsolete computers and electronics, we may not realize that these circuit boards have some value and can be retrieved. That’s because they contain valuable metals and other elements, such as copper, gold and nickel.  As precious metal prices continue to rise, the price for scrap printed circuit boards has also gone up. As of October 2012, the price rose to over $8 per pound for the first time since February.

We can help your New Jersey or New York City business take full advantage of this increase in value.  Instead of simply discarding your old computers and other electronic equipment, we can work with you to maximize any residual value from these items with our New York computer recycling program.  We come to your company and take your old computers and equipment away for processing, absolutely FREE.

Here’s the best part: if the components in your unwanted computers, such as circuit boards, have any residual resale value, we will make you an offer and can pay you right away. Alternatively, you can wait and see what price we are able to get for your items, then we will split the amount with your company.

Recycling New York, Inc. is here to help your business in New York City or New Jersey recycle its obsolete computer equipment, peripherals, telephone equipment and much more, quickly and easily.

Controversy Continues Over Exporting E-waste Abroad for Processing

The Basel Action Network is suing a recycling company called Intercon Solutions, accusing them of “shipping waste to a foreign land and contributing to the poisoning of impoverished people in a developing country.”  The waste in question is sometimes called “e-waste”: the millions of tons of computers, cell phones, peripherals and other electronics that North Americans throw away every year.  Many people don’t know that you can take part in an NYC electronics recycling program with Recycling New York, Inc.

Critics charge that when disposal companies ship these old products abroad for refurbishing and other kinds of processing and dismantling, they are taking advantage of lower paid workers with few if any employment rights.   Furthermore, say critics, other nations don’t necessarily have the same strict environmental regulations in place that Western countries have implemented.  Many people in America don’t even take advantage of the NYC electronics recycling programs available.

The result is that the toxic chemicals in many of these computers and electronics – such as lead – will find their way back into the food chain and the atmosphere.

While both sides fight over the ethics of exporting e-waste, Recycling New York, Inc. is proud to say that all our recycling, dismantling and refurbishing of unwanted computers and electronics is carried out right here in the United States.   We do not export any of the e-waste we acquire from our many business clients in New York City and New Jersey.
Contact Recycling New York, Inc. and learn how we help New Jersey or New York City businesses finally dispose of its obsolete office equipment and much more – in a quick, safe, “green” and ethical manner.  Get free pick up for your NYC electronics recycling from us!

Report Calls for E-waste Recycling Standards from State to State

The Product Stewardship Institute of Massachusetts has now issued a report entitled “Designing an Effective Electronics Recycling Program: Lessons Learned from Existing State Programs.”  This report notes the encouraging fact that many states across the U.S. have adopted new recycling programs, similar to the NYC electronics recycling program, to help keep potentially dangerous “e-waste” out of landfills.

This is especially important because discarded computers and other electronics often contain “toxic substances, including lead, mercury, cadmium, lithium, brominated flame retardants and phosphorous coatings.”  However, the report also notes that each state has its own standards for what gets recycled, and how. The Product Stewardship Institute calls on the states to reduce the “wide variations among the 25 existing electronics stewardship laws,” and learn from the best practices being implemented by various communities.

For example, the report says that too many states still allow e-waste to be exported to foreign developing countries, which don’t always have strict environmental and employment laws. Other state programs accept used electronics from residents but not from businesses.  In this and in many other ways, we are ahead of the curve!  We have an NYC electronics recycling program that will pickup unwanted electronics from businesses.

We specialize in helping New York City and New Jersey companies quickly and easily recycle their old, unwanted computers, printers, video displays, phones and much more.  We pick up your old equipment for free, and if it has any residual value, we will even make you an offer!

As well, it is our policy to conduct all our recycling, retrieval and refurbishing in the United States. Recycling New York, Inc. does not export e-waste to other nations.  
Contact us to use our NYC electronics recycling services.  We offer free pick-up for your unwanted

Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Monitors and TVs Pose NYC Electronics Recycling Dilemma

Many people remember what televisions use to be like: bulky, heavy cathode ray tube (CRT) TV sets that heated up quickly and didn’t always work very well.  Consumers have embraced new television technology in the form of flat screen plasma and LCD models, especially because their prices keep dropping. You can even mount flat screen TVs on the wall – imagine doing that with grandma’s old TV!  This gives you the opportunity to use an NYC electronics recycling service.

CRT televisions and monitors may be a thing of the past, but they’re still around, and not in a good way. Every year, cathode ray tube technology accounts for 100 million pounds of waste every year.  The trouble is, CRTs are among the most difficult electronics to dispose of safely. They contain lead and other toxic chemicals, and don’t have many components that retain value and are worth retrieving.

Many companies simply won’t accept cathode ray tube monitors and TVs, even if they specialize in recycling “e-waste” like old computers and other electronics.  Recycling New York, Inc. is different.   If your New York City and New Jersey business is like many companies out there, you have a bunch of old computer monitors, collecting dust and taking up valuable space because you don’t know how to use an NYC electronics recycling service like ours.

Call Recycling New York, Inc. and we can pick up ALL your unwanted computer equipment, peripherals and other electronics – for FREE. Then we take them to our state of the art recycling and refurbishing facility and make sure that everything is disposed of safely, quickly and in the most environmentally friendly way possible!

New iPhone Presents New York City Electronics Recycling Challenge

Everyone’s talking about the new iPhone 5. Fans are excited about the latest offering from Apple, while others are criticizing its features.  Every release of a new computerized electronic “gadget” like the iPhone raises an issue fewer people are discussing: what’s the most environmentally friendly and business savvy way to get rid of your old cell phones?  Have you considered New York City electronics recycling?

According to one company CEO, “Nearly 2.5 million tons of electronics were discarded just in the U.S. in 2010, creating an incredible windfall of lithium, gold, neodymium, rare earths and other valuable materials headed for the dump. We plan to send it to the bank instead.”  Among that e-waste will one day be the 240 million iPhones Apple has sold since the product launched in 2007. That’s a lot of potential toxic waste, not to mention the loss of valuable metals and other materials.

Many companies  still don’t realize that we can help with New York City electronics recycling, and we are willing to help your employees transition to the new iPhone.  Whether you have a bunch of old cell phones to get rid of, or unused computers, printers, faxes and other office equipment sitting around gathering dust, call Recycling New York, Inc.   Your unwanted e-waste will be picked up at no charge to you and taken for recycling and refurbishing to our state of the art facility.

Best of all, if we think we can sell your e-waste through our network of resellers, we will make you an offer. Companies don’t usually get paid to recycle, but at Recycling New York, Inc., that’s our policy!
Contact us to find out how your New Jersey or New York City business can discard its old company cell phones, laptops, PDAs and much more.

New Computer Notebooks Harder to Recycle, Critics Claim

Computer manufacturers are under increased pressure from consumers and businesses to “go green” and make their products as easy to reuse and recycle as possible when they reach the end of their usable life.   However, a new report from the Electronics TakeBack Coalition singles out today’s thin laptop computers, sometimes called “ultrabooks” for being “a hassle to repair and refurbish.”  When dealing with a NYC electronics recycling company, it’s important to make sure they will take your notebook.

“Most ultrabook laptops are designed so consumers can’t change our own batteries. Instead, they want us to ship our laptops off to the service depot for a week,” said Barbara Kyle, the national coordinator for the ETBC, in a prepared statement. “This is ultra inconvenient, plus it also ultimately discourages reuse.”  Worse, in some instances the product’s warranty is voided “if the consumer tinkers with it.”

The report calls upon the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) to revise its standards regarding computer manufacturing and recycling best practices.  NYC electronics recycling companies need to start evaluating the types of computers and notebooks they take from companies and individuals.

Fortunately, Recycling New York, Inc. is your New Jersey and New York City expert partner when it comes to recycling your company’s old laptops, notebooks, desktop computers, peripherals and other electronics.  We pick them up from your business location at no charge to you, and ensure that they are either refurbished for continued use or disposed of in the most environmentally safe way possible.  Contact us today to learn about NYC electronics recycling services and free pickup!

How to Hire a New York Computer Recycling Company

Does your New York company still have obsolete computers, phone systems and other equipment taking up valuable space in your office?  Now you can dispose of them quickly and responsibly by contacting a professional New York computer recycling company.

When deciding which New York computer recycling company to contact, ask the following questions:

  • Will they come and remove all you unwanted computers for free?
  • Will they completely erase all the data on your company’s old computers, and provide you with a data destruction certificate?
  • Does this company make it easy for you to give your old equipment to charities and non-profits in need?
  • Will this recycling company make you a cash offer for your old computers if they have resale value?
  • Do they remove all metals and toxic components from your computers before properly disposing of them?
  • Does this recycling company do all its processing in the U.S., rather than shipping e-waste overseas for processing?

New York Recycling, Inc. is the perfect choice. We do all this and more!  Call us to arrange a FREE pick up and we will come directly to your New York  business and take all your used computers and electronics away for processing.  If your e-waste can be resold, we will make you an offer! We really do pay YOU to recycle!  Take advantage of our New York computer recycling services today!  We are clearly the best choice for your New York area company.