The Basel Action Network is suing a recycling company called Intercon Solutions, accusing them of “shipping waste to a foreign land and contributing to the poisoning of impoverished people in a developing country.”  The waste in question is sometimes called “e-waste”: the millions of tons of computers, cell phones, peripherals and other electronics that North Americans throw away every year.  Many people don’t know that you can take part in an NYC electronics recycling program with Recycling New York, Inc.

Critics charge that when disposal companies ship these old products abroad for refurbishing and other kinds of processing and dismantling, they are taking advantage of lower paid workers with few if any employment rights.   Furthermore, say critics, other nations don’t necessarily have the same strict environmental regulations in place that Western countries have implemented.  Many people in America don’t even take advantage of the NYC electronics recycling programs available.

The result is that the toxic chemicals in many of these computers and electronics – such as lead – will find their way back into the food chain and the atmosphere.

While both sides fight over the ethics of exporting e-waste, Recycling New York, Inc. is proud to say that all our recycling, dismantling and refurbishing of unwanted computers and electronics is carried out right here in the United States.   We do not export any of the e-waste we acquire from our many business clients in New York City and New Jersey.
Contact Recycling New York, Inc. and learn how we help New Jersey or New York City businesses finally dispose of its obsolete office equipment and much more – in a quick, safe, “green” and ethical manner.  Get free pick up for your NYC electronics recycling from us!