The computer revolution has changed the world. Today our lives revolve around electronic and computerized equipment and gadgets. However, disposal of obsolete “e-waste” (or “electronic waste”) has become a very real environmental problem.

Garbage landfills are overloaded with all these discarded electronics and old used computers. However, this is the worst place they can end up, because this equipment isn’t “biodegradable.”

Instead, computers, phone system, fax and printers, electronics pile up in landfills, posing significant safety risks and endanger our fragile planet.

Recycling New York Inc, is your single source solution for all your New York computer recycling and electronics recycling needs!

We make it EASY for your business to dispose of and recycle computers, electronics and other business surplus without hurting the environment.  If you are interested in NYC electronics recycling services, Recycling New York, Inc. is your answer.

We don’t export this equipment or components: All processing is handled domestically.

In fact, you might even MAKE MONEY from your used items! If your business surplus and excess inventory have residual resale value, we offer you money for it!

Recycling New York Inc, takes care of everything:

  • Free pickup: No matter you have 10 or 100,000 pieces of computer and/or electronic you want to dispose of, Recycling New York’s team arrives at your location with everything needed to pack up and transport your equipment to our facilities —absolutely free!
  • Data destruction: Upon receiving your equipment, we will completely erase all information on your hard drives (or physically destroy the hard drives), then give you an official certificate of data destruction for your record.
  • Tag Removal: All identifying labels and stickers will be taken off your items.
  • Remarketing: We strongly believe in reusing equipment as much as possible as it is the most environmentally friendly way! We pursue all remarketing options first, through our established contacts in various industries, including vendors and online auctions, to keep your equipment out of landfill and get it back into service.
  • Parts retrieval: We strip out any parts that are still functional. Everything else will be processed for proper recycling. Note: New York Recycling does NOT ship your parts and equipment beyond U.S. boundaries.
  • Donation: Recycling New York makes it easy to donate your items like computers to local non-profit organizations.
  • Online tracking: If you wish, your company can track the resale status of your computers, equipment and other business surplus, simply by using our user-friendly online tracking service.
  • Detailed reporting: Upon request, we will provide your company with an itemized data destruction and/or recycling certificate.

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