Did you know that you can get paid for your old equipment?  At Recycling New York, we purchase your unwanted equipment from you and can remove it from your New Jersey Recycling offices at no cost to you.  Our business is a recycling and business liquidation company and is your one stop shop recycling solution.

The services we provide include computer, electronics, and business liquidation, as well as data destruction for private information that may be stored on your machines.  We handle everything throughout the New Jersey recycling process for our clients so you don’t have to worry about anything.  Sorting, tag removal, refurbishing, remarketing, dismantling, parts retrieval, and proper recycling are all in a days work at our company.

We are the ONLY New Jersey recycling and business liquidation company  that offers both FREE pickup and FREE recycling services.  This means that your business doesn’t come out of pocket for anything.  In fact, your wallet gets thicker because we pay you!

Unlike other recycling service companies in New Jersey, we have a wide range of equipment acceptance.  We purchase all types of equipment ranging from basic consumer electronics to heavy machinery and we pay top dollar for all of it.  You are the seller, and we are the buyer.

We work within multiple industries in the New Jersey area and can help you get rid of your old equipment too.  Give us a call at 407-797-3162 to learn more about our services.