Jersey City Recycling

Believe it or not, “e-waste” (or “electronic waste”) is one of the fastest growing types of waste that ends up in landfills throughout the world. Computers may not seem likely to be hazardous, but what exactly is inside of these electronic devices that everyone so furiously craves?

Electronics include hazardous materials such as lead, mercury and cadmium that can cause serious health and pollution problems; this waste often ends up in developing countries and local landfills.

Consumers in the United States throw out over 130,000 computers every day – over 100 million cell phones are thrown out annually. What you may not know is how detrimental it is to the environment to toss out these electronics in a landfill.

Did you know that Recycling New York, Inc. in Jersey City can help you get rid of computers and electronics without having to leave your house? We provide services like computer recycling in Jersey City, electronic recycling in Jersey City, as well as data destruction for private information stored on your old devices and business liquidation.

We offer both FREE pickup and FREE recycling services for your business and we pay you for the equipment you don’t use. In some cases, our wide range of equipment acceptance helps you get top dollar for your basic consumer electronics or heavy machinery!

From computers and laptops to construction equipment, we recycle it all:

  • Computer parts and accessories
  • Medical equipment
  • Consumer electronics
  • Lab/ Test equipment
  • Radio equipment
  • … and much more

Recycling New York, Inc. in Jersey City makes sure that your equipment gets reused and recycled, and doesn’t get thrown into a landfill. You can help your company go green and get some extra cash by calling us for a free quote and scheduling a pickup of your old equipment.