Today, many companies try to run their businesses in an environmentally friendly way.

Part of being “green” means responsibly recycle your unwanted office equipment, electronics, computers and other business surplus, not just dumping them in the garbage (where they’ll wind up seeping chemicals into an already crowded landfill.)

The trouble is: all that heavy, non-biodegradable “stuff” seems so difficult to get rid of, you keep putting it off.

Recycling New York Inc, is here to help.

Unlike other recycling companies, we come to your business location in the New York City and New Jersey area, take away your unwanted items at NO COST to you, dispose of them properly – we even PAY YOU for any equipment with resale value!

Recycling New York Inc, takes the hassle out of disposing of, recycling and even reselling your computers, electronics, business surplus and much more:

  • 24 hour response time to all inquires—guaranteed!
  • Fast and efficient equipment de-installation and pick up from your location – absolutely free!
  • Your sensitive, confidential computer data is destroyed forever to match or even exceed the D.O.D. standards (the same one used by the United States Armed Forces!).
  • You can receive a detailed certificate of recycling and/or data destruction certificate for your business records.
  • From a small office to a large industrial enterprise or government agency, New York Recycling is here to serve your business. No job is too big for us to handle!
  • 24/7 access to our easy to monitor online tracking system enables you to monitor your equipment piece by piece.
  • If your company wishes to donate your usable surplus computers and electronics to charity, Recycling New York Inc, can arrange that for you. We will refurbish then deliver it directly to a non-profit or charitable group of your choice.

Recycling New York Inc, pays you to recycle your old or unwanted equipment:

If your unwanted items have resale value, Recycling New York Inc, will remarket them using our network of nationwide sales channels. This means we will get your company the highest return possible!

There are two different ways you can accept payment:

  • If you want to get your unwanted items off your property and off the books as quickly as possible, we recommend a direct cash purchase.
  • However, to receive a possibly higher rate of return for your excess inventory, we recommend our revenue sharing option.

We maks it easier than ever for your company to go “green.”

Get peace of mind knowing your surplus equipment will be resold for reuse, donated to non-profit groups in your community or people in need, or recycled and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

CONTACT Recycling New York Inc, today to talk about equipment disposal, business surplus recycling and liquidation and data destruction.

Make us your reliable partner for selling your desktops, laptops, capital equipment, telecom systems, networking gear, office equipment, test equipment, video/audio gear, and much more!

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