When we hear the phrase “gold rush,” we think about bearded old prospectors, panning for gold nuggets in Alaskan creeks and rivers a hundred years ago.  In the 21st century, there is a new “gold rush” going on.  Most people don’t realize that there is an unusual source of abundant gold: old cell phones, computers and other electronics.  You could be turning in these items for money to companies that offer NYC electronics recycling services.

These electronics couldn’t function without components made of gold and other precious “rare earth” metals and minerals.  Every time we throw away a cell phone or other electronic “gadget,” we unknowingly toss these elements into the trash, instead of reclaiming them at a place that offers NYC electronics recycling services like Recycling New York, Inc.

“We believe we’ve struck gold inside of a cellphone,” said Paul Watson, CEO of Green Technology Solutions. “There are hundreds of thousands of tons of gold, tungsten, neodymium, indium and other valuable elements trapped in mountains of electronic trash at the moment. As prices continue to soar — and they will — we think there’s a significant profit to be made reclaiming these metals.”  The global e-waste recycling and reuse services market is expected to be worth an estimated $18.2 billion, according to Transparency Market Research.  And best of all: every ounce of gold retrieved from a cell phone reduces the need for new mining ventures that also negatively impact planet Earth.

If your New York City or New Jersey employees have old cellphones, don’t throw them away. Instead, contact Recycling New York, Inc.  We come right to your place of business and haul away ALL your unwanted e-waste – for FREE.   Better yet, if your items have any residual value, we can make you an offer for them. That’s right: your company might even get paid to recycle.  Contact us today to learn all about our NYC electronics recycling services.