Recycling New York isn’t your everyday recycling service.  We are a New York City recycling and business liquidation company that pays you for your old equipment.  Yes, you read that right.  You  can get paid for your old equipment.  Our company will take your working or non-working equipment off your hands and is so cost effective for your NYC business, you actually make money.

We pay you!

 If your business has unwanted equipment with potential resale value, we’ll pay you for it.  We provide you with a FREE, no obligation quote.  But unlike a traditional quote for services, this one details how much money you’ll be receiving, not paying.  This is because our company will purchase the equipment from your NYC business at top dollar.

No cost to you!

We are the only New York City recycling and business liquidation company that offers FREE pickup and FREE recycling services!  If you’re looking to unload equipment or reduce business surplus, Recycling New York will come by when it’s most convenient for you and pick it up free of charge.  We work with all types of businesses in all kinds of industries.  Whether it’s small or large, an LLC or corporation, a school or a financial institution, we can provide recycling services for your company.

We purchase just about everything!

Recycling New York purchases and picks up a variety of different equipment.  From electronic equipment, like desktops and laptops, to heavy machinery, we accept just about anything.  If you’re worried about private or sensitive information that might be stored on your equipment, Recycling New York offer complete data destruction based on the standards set by the Department of Defense and will present you with a detailed certificate of destruction.

Contact us!

Recycling New York works with NYC businesses to create an environmentally safe and financially positive way to recycle their unwanted equipment.  If you’re looking to get rid of old equipment or liquidate your business surplus, excess inventory, and more, contact us today to see how we can help you.  Call us today at 917-688-9753.