When companies get rid of their old computers, they worry that all that sensitive data left on their hard drives could end up in the wrong hands.

Recycling New York Inc, COMPLETELY DESTROYS your data every time, using one of our proven, recognized methods.

The Department of Defense has established the standards by which computers and other magnetic media are determined to be erased completely, and all data rendered irretrievable. This “gold standard” of data destruction is known as “the DOD 5220.22-M” standard, and is the same one used by the United States Armed Forces.

Recycling New York’s data destruction methods can match and even surpass DOD 5220.22-M standards!

Your company can select one of four levels of data destruction to wipe out ALL the information on your hard drives forever:

  • One Pass Data Overwriting: As its name implies, this practice overwrites your hard drive once, using a pre-determined pattern of meaningless digital information. When properly executed, experts agree that this method alone can render computer hard drives unreadable, even if they are examined with electron microscopes.
  • Erasure to D.O.D. Standards: To meet DOD 522.22-M standards, each sector of the hard drive is written over THREE times instead of just once. This is the same level of data destruction employed by the U.S. Armed Forces
  • Electro Magnetic Wipe: This highly secure data destruction method is approved by the Department of Defense. Magnetic fields will erase all information from your hard drives completely and also render it useless.
  • Physical Destruction: You may choose to have your hard drives physically destroyed. Upon request, we can even return the crushed hard drives to your company as proof of destruction, at no added cost. Recycling New York uses a custom designed, U.S. made Ameri-Shred shredding device, built to our strict specifications.

In every instance, you will have peace of mind knowing that your business’s critical data can never be compromised or retrieved.

At Recycling New York Inc, data destruction can be performed on all data storage media including hard drives, tape media, floppies, CD’s, etc.

We Provide Detailed Certificate of Data Destruction
The software we use is sanctioned by the Defense Department to meet and even surpass their stringent DOD 5220.22M standard of data destruction.

If for any reason this software cannot be used successfully on your particular equipment or if you choose to physically destroy the data, we will perform complete physical destruction on your hard drives.

At New York Recycling Inc, we monitor the sanitization of your computers at the hard drive level, providing details such as:

  • The drive’s manufacturer
  • Make/model
  • Serial number
  • Size
  • Type of overwrite performed
  • Bad sectors reported
  • Who performed the operation
  • The success or failure of the operation

During this entire destruction process, your sensitive data is NEVER vulnerable to unauthorized access.

Our priority is to protect the integrity and security of your company’s confidential, proprietary information. Recycling New York will follow your company’s policies regarding data destruction at all times.

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