As businesses are evolving, so are our ways of producing products and providing services. This means that your capital equipment may not be useful to your business. By recycling capital equipment, including manufacturing and construction equipment, we can guarantee that your used machinery will be properly recycled, refurbished and resold without having a negative impact on the environment.

What you’ve recycled can be used by somebody else, and we will pay top dollar for any used or unwanted equipment if it qualifies. Your used products will then be sold to the appropriate vendors, donated, or properly recycled. No matter what, your equipment will not be tossed into landfills and will find their way back into industrial and consumer markets.

At Recycling New York Inc, we make it easy to recycle your used equipment. We purchase and recycle just about everything and by calling us you can schedule a free pick up of your machinery. If your equipment has a potential resell value, we will purchase your used products at competitive prices, but in any case, our recycling services and pickup are free. Schedule a free pick up today or get a free quote by calling us at 407-797-3162.  Make sure you’re recycling capital equipment with Recycling New York.