Computers are one of the most largely recycled electronics in the world and it is estimated that approximately 10-20% of computers end up in landfills. What many people don’t know is that computers contain materials that when disposed of can cause damage to the environment. Chemicals such as mercury and lead can be released into the atmosphere and be destructive to surrounding environments and communities.

If it’s not dropped off in a landfill, electronics can end up becoming incinerated, which releases harmful toxins into the air and water. With the unbelievable amount of e-waste that has been created over the past decade, recycling old electronics has become problematic due to the lack of effectively disposed equipment.

Recycling New York Inc, is here to help make it easier for your business to recycle used equipment without destroying the environment. Once we collect old and used equipment, we reuse and refurbish what we can and sell them so that none of the materials are ever thrown away. If your equipment qualifies, we can also pay you for it! Contact us to learn more about our New York computer recycling business and to schedule a FREE pickup recycling service for your old and unused equipment.