Recycle For Cash – Products We Buy

Recycling New York Inc, offers your business the fastest, easiest and most reliable NYC electronics recycling and liquidation services in New York City and the New Jersey area.

What makes Recycling New York Inc, unique is that unlike our competitors, WE PAY YOU for your old and unwanted electronics, computers, and other business surplus equipment if it has residual value. Our door-to-door pick-up service and New York computer recycling service is completely free!

And while most other recycling companies only accept certain types and brands of equipment, Recycling New York Inc, recycles and liquidates just about anything! From computers to electronics, from networking gear to audio/video equipment, from lab/test equipment to tools and machinery, we take it all!

  • Computers: desktops and laptops
  • Computer parts and accessories
  • Monitors: flat panel and flat screen
  • Telecom: VOIP and PBX, conference equipment
  • Networking components: servers, routers, switches, and more
  • Office electronics: fax machines, printers, scanners, copiers
  • Medical equipment
  • Lab equipment
  • Test equipment
  • Electrical equipment
  • Consumer electronics
  • Photography equipment
  • Video equipment
  • Audio equipment
  • Musical equipment
  • Radio equipment
  • Tools
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Capital equipment
  • Heavy machinery

When you’re ready to sell off your damaged or out-of-date office and business equipment and electronics, Recycling New York Inc, is the only place to call!

We’re sorry, but Recycling New York Inc, only purchases computer, electronic and other equipment from companies and businesses in the New York City and New Jersey area, NOT from individual consumers.

CONTACT Recycling New York Inc. today to talk about equipment disposal, data destruction, New York City Recycling, NYC electronics recycling, and more.

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