Did you know…?

  • According to one cell phone expert, “All those old cell phone chargers you chucked into a bin, the old monitor you just threw away, and the ancient printer that you dumped are all in a landfill somewhere, polluting our planet.”
  • We throw 14,000,000 old, unwanted cell phones mobile phones into landfills every single year, when then leech almost 100,000 pounds of poisonous lead into the surrounding water and earth, along with mercury and arsenic?
  • Those same tossed out cell phones contain an amazing $60 million in gold and silver that could have easily been retrieved!
  • You can help reduce the amount of toxic waste in our environment by simply giving your unwanted phone to someone else. It probably still works fine.
  • Consumers only properly recycle 15% of our unwanted smart phones, despite how simple it is to discard of them correctly, like through NYC electronics recycling companies.

If your New York City and New Jersey business is upgrading its current telephone solutions – and getting ready to upgrade your computers and other equipment, too – then just contact Recycling New York, Inc.  We come to your office and pick up ALL your unwanted cell phones, computer equipment, peripherals and other electronics – for FREE.   We take everything to our recycling facility and make sure that any toxic or valuable materials inside your equipment is retrieved.

You can rest assured that everything is disposed of in the most environmentally way possible thanks to Recycling New York, Inc. with our NYC electronics recycling services.