The United States federal government is the biggest purchaser of computers in the world. This means they also generate a record amount of “e-scrap.”


What is e-scrap? It’s made up of all the used, unwanted electronics, computers, peripherals and other equipment that is thrown away every day.


Unfortunately, too much of this e-scrap still ends up in landfills, where the toxic chemicals and minerals contained in all this equipment leech into the surrounding water and soil, polluting the environment.


What happens to all the government’s old IT equipment and computer components when the government is shut down? At press time, the federal government was still under “sequester”?


According to the industry newsletter Resource Recycling:


“Over 10,000 computers are disposed of by the U.S. government every week, according to a 2012 report from the Government Accountability Office, primarily due to asset replacement. But with procurement budgets among the first victims of the across-the-board sequester cuts, many government offices will be holding on to equipment longer.


“The volume of computers sent for recycling by federal government offices account for 2.8 percent of the estimated 18 million computers recycled annually in the U.S.”


If the federal government “holds onto equipment longer” during the sequester, this means there will be slightly less computer recycling going on during that time period.


However, private companies can and should continue to recycle their used equipment the smart way.


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