Recycling New York Inc, can help you free up space in your garage, attic, basement or storage facility, while you help the environment – and maybe even make some money, too.

Recycling New York Inc, accepts your:

  • Computers/Laptops/Parts
  • Printers/Faxes
  • Phones/PDAs
  • Networking Gear
  • LCDs (Currently we accept CRT monitors at no charge)
  • Office Equipment
  • Audio/Video Equipment
  • Test/lab equipment
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Cameras and lenses
  • Non-Gas Powered Tools

And much more. Just ask! We are known to take just about anything!

There are two easy, convenient ways to use our services:

1. Drop off your unwanted stuff at Recycling New York headquarters. If your old equipment has residual value, we pay you a competitive price, on the spot.

2. If you have a lot of stuff, we pick it up at your location – at no charge to you. We’ll make you a competitive offer for anything with residual value.

CONTACT Recycling New York Inc, today to make arrangements with one of our experts!