It’s an industry that hardly existed ten years ago: e-waste recycling.  We saw a lot of NYC electronics disposal that was handled improperly, but now people are starting to catch on to NYC electronics recycling.

By now, most people are familiar with the business of paper and plastic recycling. However, the market for another kind of recycling hasn’t been part of the general public’s consciousness until recently: proper NYC electronics disposal and recycling.  Now, a new study estimates that the market for e-waste recycling will top the $40-billion mark by the end of the decade – more than four times its current size.  Despite a worldwide economic downturn, the consumer demand for the latest phones, tables, computers and other electronics continues to grow. When obsolete models are replaced by the latest products by Apple or Samsung that means the old “gadgets” have to go somewhere.

Unfortunately, too many of these old computers and electronic devices end up in landfills, either in the United States or in developing countries. In all cases, these objects leech poisonous minerals and chemicals such as arsenic and lead into the surrounding environment.

Today, however, it is easier than ever to properly recycle e-waste. It is also lucrative, because of the high volume of items that need to be disposed of, and the valuable metals that make up their components. Gold, silver and platinum are just a few of the precious metals found in every cell phone and computer, and these can be “harvested” by trained recyclers.

According to the UN, one metric tonne of e-waste contains more gold than 17 metric tonnes of gold ore!  Recycling New York, Inc. is already equipped to handle your e-waste. If your business in the New York or New Jersey area has old computers, office equipment, electronics, phone systems, monitors, printers and more that it needs to get rid of safely, contact us.

We come right to your location and take away ALL your unwanted e-waste – at no charge to you!  We dispose of everything in the most environmentally way possible, and all our processing is carried out here in the United States.  Better yet, if your items have any residual value, we can make you an offer for them.  Contact Recycling New York, Inc. to learn more about NYC electronics disposal and recycling, New York data destruction and business liquidation.