Everyone’s talking about the new iPhone 5. Fans are excited about the latest offering from Apple, while others are criticizing its features.  Every release of a new computerized electronic “gadget” like the iPhone raises an issue fewer people are discussing: what’s the most environmentally friendly and business savvy way to get rid of your old cell phones?  Have you considered New York City electronics recycling?

According to one company CEO, “Nearly 2.5 million tons of electronics were discarded just in the U.S. in 2010, creating an incredible windfall of lithium, gold, neodymium, rare earths and other valuable materials headed for the dump. We plan to send it to the bank instead.”  Among that e-waste will one day be the 240 million iPhones Apple has sold since the product launched in 2007. That’s a lot of potential toxic waste, not to mention the loss of valuable metals and other materials.

Many companies  still don’t realize that we can help with New York City electronics recycling, and we are willing to help your employees transition to the new iPhone.  Whether you have a bunch of old cell phones to get rid of, or unused computers, printers, faxes and other office equipment sitting around gathering dust, call Recycling New York, Inc.   Your unwanted e-waste will be picked up at no charge to you and taken for recycling and refurbishing to our state of the art facility.

Best of all, if we think we can sell your e-waste through our network of resellers, we will make you an offer. Companies don’t usually get paid to recycle, but at Recycling New York, Inc., that’s our policy!
Contact us to find out how your New Jersey or New York City business can discard its old company cell phones, laptops, PDAs and much more.