Many people remember what televisions use to be like: bulky, heavy cathode ray tube (CRT) TV sets that heated up quickly and didn’t always work very well.  Consumers have embraced new television technology in the form of flat screen plasma and LCD models, especially because their prices keep dropping. You can even mount flat screen TVs on the wall – imagine doing that with grandma’s old TV!  This gives you the opportunity to use an NYC electronics recycling service.

CRT televisions and monitors may be a thing of the past, but they’re still around, and not in a good way. Every year, cathode ray tube technology accounts for 100 million pounds of waste every year.  The trouble is, CRTs are among the most difficult electronics to dispose of safely. They contain lead and other toxic chemicals, and don’t have many components that retain value and are worth retrieving.

Many companies simply won’t accept cathode ray tube monitors and TVs, even if they specialize in recycling “e-waste” like old computers and other electronics.  Recycling New York, Inc. is different.   If your New York City and New Jersey business is like many companies out there, you have a bunch of old computer monitors, collecting dust and taking up valuable space because you don’t know how to use an NYC electronics recycling service like ours.

Call Recycling New York, Inc. and we can pick up ALL your unwanted computer equipment, peripherals and other electronics – for FREE. Then we take them to our state of the art recycling and refurbishing facility and make sure that everything is disposed of safely, quickly and in the most environmentally friendly way possible!