The Product Stewardship Institute of Massachusetts has now issued a report entitled “Designing an Effective Electronics Recycling Program: Lessons Learned from Existing State Programs.”  This report notes the encouraging fact that many states across the U.S. have adopted new recycling programs, similar to the NYC electronics recycling program, to help keep potentially dangerous “e-waste” out of landfills.

This is especially important because discarded computers and other electronics often contain “toxic substances, including lead, mercury, cadmium, lithium, brominated flame retardants and phosphorous coatings.”  However, the report also notes that each state has its own standards for what gets recycled, and how. The Product Stewardship Institute calls on the states to reduce the “wide variations among the 25 existing electronics stewardship laws,” and learn from the best practices being implemented by various communities.

For example, the report says that too many states still allow e-waste to be exported to foreign developing countries, which don’t always have strict environmental and employment laws. Other state programs accept used electronics from residents but not from businesses.  In this and in many other ways, we are ahead of the curve!  We have an NYC electronics recycling program that will pickup unwanted electronics from businesses.

We specialize in helping New York City and New Jersey companies quickly and easily recycle their old, unwanted computers, printers, video displays, phones and much more.  We pick up your old equipment for free, and if it has any residual value, we will even make you an offer!

As well, it is our policy to conduct all our recycling, retrieval and refurbishing in the United States. Recycling New York, Inc. does not export e-waste to other nations.  
Contact us to use our NYC electronics recycling services.  We offer free pick-up for your unwanted