Every computer, peripheral and smart phone we use works only because it contains a circuit board.   Circuit boards function as the “central nervous system” of almost every electronic device we use at home and at work.  If you need New York computer recycling services, even for computer parts, we can help.

When we get rid of obsolete computers and electronics, we may not realize that these circuit boards have some value and can be retrieved. That’s because they contain valuable metals and other elements, such as copper, gold and nickel.  As precious metal prices continue to rise, the price for scrap printed circuit boards has also gone up. As of October 2012, the price rose to over $8 per pound for the first time since February.

We can help your New Jersey or New York City business take full advantage of this increase in value.  Instead of simply discarding your old computers and other electronic equipment, we can work with you to maximize any residual value from these items with our New York computer recycling program.  We come to your company and take your old computers and equipment away for processing, absolutely FREE.

Here’s the best part: if the components in your unwanted computers, such as circuit boards, have any residual resale value, we will make you an offer and can pay you right away. Alternatively, you can wait and see what price we are able to get for your items, then we will split the amount with your company.

Recycling New York, Inc. is here to help your business in New York City or New Jersey recycle its obsolete computer equipment, peripherals, telephone equipment and much more, quickly and easily.