It sounds crazy, but scientists are reporting that they’ve created “biodegradable electronics.”  This could eliminate the need for proper NYC electronics disposal.

According to one report, these researchers, they’ve “succeeded in creating tiny medical devices sealed in silk cocoons that did the work they were designed for, then dissolved in the bodies of lab mice. It’s an early step in a technology that may hold promise, not only for medicine, but also for disposal of electronic waste.”

The objects are said to look like very small translucent computer chips. Similar items already exist, to “dispense drugs or provide electrical stimulation,” but they must be removed surgically after their job is done.

Some are looking to the future and wondering if the same technology could one day be used in the manufacture of consumer devices like cell phones and computers.   As it stands, e-waste (that is, discarded computers, peripherals, telephone technology and other electronics) make up millions of tons of waste, much of it highly toxic unless proper NYC electronics disposal is performed. Unfortunately, much of it is not.

While “eating” your unwanted cellphone one day instead of tossing it in the trash, it is possible that this technology could eventually go into the manufacture of electronics and computers that would biodegrade in landfills instead of leeching toxic chemicals into them, like they currently do.  The good news is, you don’t have to wait for that day to come if you’re interested in “being green” and disposing of your e-scrap safely and quickly: just contact us.

We can come to your New Jersey or New York City business and perform NYC electronics disposal. We do this at no charge!  Then we take your old “stuff” and recycle or refurbish it at our state of the art facility. We may be able to donate this equipment to a local non-profit if you wish.

As an alternative, we will make you an offer on any items we think may have resale value. It’s true: you may get paid to recycle!  Contact Recycling New York, Inc. to find out how your New Jersey or New York City business can discard its old company cell phones, laptops, PDAs and much more.